Humor in video content for b2b –black humor

The use of humor in video content- black humor.
Let's face it, black humor is the best humor!
To take a situation to an extreme, even to death, is funny.
It's humor that works well, many commercials succeed in provoking emotion and a buzz while using it.
For example- this commercial for Hyundai:

this commercial was banned from most countries, however many websites talked about it, and of course-social media was all over it.
You can see lighter examples such as Panasonic.
It presents black humor in an intelligent manner, that shows the quality of the product in the best way possible.
In the B2B sector, black humor is not often used, but the first brands who succeeded using it well, gained extra point for the initiative.
The only things is- you have to do it right, accurate and precise.

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