We continue exploring B2B YouTube channels, and how they lead the marketing strategy in terms of video content.
Who: Microsoft.
Content: Very diverse but with a nice emphasis- employee branding.
It appears as though the team who is managing the channel, watches a lot of YouTube, you can tell it's inspired by other leading channels.
A series of UNBOXED videos:

Design: Very detailed and meticulous, like the various content Microsoft is distributing.
Frequency: As we have said before, the channel is inspired by other different channels, that is why the frequency is two videos per week,
the right amount for a YouTube channel.
Number of followers: 600K and more than 60 million views.
Views record: 29 million, yes you guessed it- a Superbowl commercial.
In sum: Microsoft is doing great with its video content, they have employee branding and the big plus is-
they care for the community- that way, that have an added value for both channel and brand.




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