We continue exploring behavior of different brands in the video era.
More and more brands from the B2B sector run a successful digital asset in the video content field.
They create video content in a continuous way, with a strategy that creates value and an emotional attachment to the brand.
Content: Professional. unlike other brands, Adobe uses "video content" the best way possible.
One of the most common uses on YouTube is "self study", and Adobe takes over this field, also editing, design, with sereies of videos.
They use influencers, distribution of unique tools for the community members.
Design: If they won't design their page, who will? It its very detailed, very original, best use we have seen so far on YouTube.

Frequency: Once more, Adobe uses YouTube in a great way, they behave as video content makers and upload content every day.
Each day you can see a different series or video.
Number of followers: 554K.

In sum: one of the most outstanding things about Adobe-you can learn from, is community.
They make the right use in creating a digital asset in the video content field, having an added value for a strong and loyal community.


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