Humor in video content for b2b – Aggressive Humor

Three ways to use humor for B2B brands- aggressive humor.
Humor is a great way to make an emotional connection, to stand out, be different and special, and mainly to remain in the memory of people.
This is how it is, in life in general and in marketing-advertising.
The use in aggressive humor is the most dangerous, but in an era we need to stand out, since there is so much content.
Brands need to think of extreme ways to stay in the memory of the client/consumer.
One of the most important things when using the right "enemy", one that won't hurt the targeted audience, but also know how to receive the joke well.
Aggressive humor, the dangerous just like black humor, sarcasm, the brand can hurt different audiences,
that is why it's very important to think about the script before heading to a production with aggressive-extreme humor.
The truck of Volvo created in the past a series that is called TEST LIVE in which they examine extreme things LIVE. The beauty is they chose to "torture" Volvo's employees and that is how they made themselves the "enemy-victim". It makes the content funny and unique.
The technician:

The CEO:



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