humor in video content for b2b brands

Isn't it fun to laugh? and even more, make people laugh?
Here's another series in which we will introduce "the humor" technique you can use in your next video content.
There are 3 ways to use humor in video content for B2B brands-self humor.
Do you know the feeling of walking into a room full of people, and the one you immediately talk to is the funny one?
The one everyone will remember and talk about after?

Humor is a great way to create emotion, be different, special and mainly to stay strong in the memory of people.
It's true for life in general, and in marketing advertising.
In continuation of B2B brands getting creative, you can tell they are getting bolder, using humor.
We have divided humor categories in order for you to make good and smart usage in them:

1. Self-humor- the tricky technique. It's the funniest, most memorable.
It creates emotion in an automatic way, but is also dangerous. In case of performance not accurate enough,
self humor can make the opposite and make the brand look insecure or untrustworthy.
Strong brands, that have a name for themselves and an audience that knows the spirit of the brand, can make use in the humor technique to give themselves some extra points.
Because nothing is more fun than seeing a strong man, mocking himself and becoming one with the people.

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