We continue to review brand's behavior in the video era.
More and more brands in the B2B sector run a successful digital asset in the video world, making content continuously,
with a strategy that creates added value and emotional connection to the brand.
Today- Deloitte.

Who: Deloitte.
Content: human. The preciseness of Deloitte in choosing content is the real win.
Their content presents mainly their employees, a service company that understands and makes a right use in medium and platform and empowers the business strength- the advisors, people who work in the company.

Design:  Lacking. The Page is not well designed, not much character.
However, the content is well designed. All videos have introduction, closer and graphic package that maintains a classic, clean line.
Number of followers, for now, 11K- but they make use as a great referral channel for other digital assets.
It shows management, devotion and a digital vision.

Views record: 61K.
In sum: on one hand, not much creative or cool, but most effective and outstanding management.
A company that understands the medium and plans ahead with innovative thinking.

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