When we manage A YouTube channel for a brand, we define the brand as a YouTuber, or by their second name, "content makers". That is why, behind every video there's a lot of importance to the TAGS, headlines, key words and more elements. Most brands are used to "throw" their video content into their YouTube channel, but in the video era it's important to treat the YouTube channel as a digital asset.
First tool- SOCIAL BLADE
A browser plugin that will assist keeping things in order and manage, in a professional way your YouTube channel. So why is it helpful?
– Guide\recommendation which tags fit best to your content.
– Shows data of competition- outcome of video\channels of competitors.
– shows data in a comfortable way of content result of the video you have shared\uploaded.
Data regarding competition (just submit the URL).

When purchasing the monthly subscription, you can also get guidance about design, content order, playlist, headlines, footage, link to other channels with
similar content, subtitles, sound and also regarding search key words (for this we have great tools to show later on).
There is also an additional WEB version– if you don't want to install a plugin.

The second tool (and more pedant) – TRUE BUDDY
This is a more professional tool, with more information, more features and yes—more work. This system is built for working on campaigns, managing campaigns, media and key words.
Here also there is a browser plugin option and use through WEB platform. Here you can receive guidance for:
– Managing visitors and connecting to digital assets of the organization- Facebook, website, Twitter).
– Assistance with SEO.
– A tool that will assist you is the- UPLOAD CHECK LIST who will check you made everything right.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, if you are still not there, it's never too late start working on a video strategy for 2019.

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