A wonderful thing is happening lately in the B2B sector, and that is that no one wants to be captured as boring or irrelevant.
This is one of the motives which leads many "old school" brands, into creative, bold, daring, and sophisticated videos. They are neglecting the "one person speaking into the camera" format.
As a video content agency, we spend hours at our studio and in conference rooms of the B2B sector.
That is for reaching the vision of creative video content for the brand's business targets.
Therefore, we have felt like it will be right to share and encourage brands who are already thinking creative, and dare to make video content that will make B2C jealous.

In the original creative of Zendesk there is an interesting input.
You take a phrase from a "relationship", this is an element that takes time and portrays the message in a very short way, 16 seconds with one phrase.
A very strong visual with a common ground, an original movie that stays in your memory.

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