Mi casa su casa- is a fanous saying in spanish, that basically says feel at home, it's nice to know you.
Today, as part of the organizational culture of many brands in the world, it's important to portray the day to day organizational life and routine, such as employees, offices, dynamics etc.
It's important to do so for both marketing and recruitment purposes.
Creating such video says two things about you:
1. You are proud of what you do and who you are.
2. Creates trust for clients because they can see and feel the beating heart of the brand.
Here are 3 ideas for a simple video content that show the employees or the brand:

1. "A day in a life snapshot"-
What does a typical day look like for employees in your organisation? Walk viewers through the routine for a position in your company (or run a series looking at various roles), providing a window into your office culture and inner workings. These kinds of videos can be beneficial for recruiting efforts, and they also make your business more relatable to prospective clients.

2. Profile an employee-
Elevate your talent. Produce an in-depth profile on one of your team members to highlight their particular skills and strengths.
Portray their personality through interviews and candid footage. You could even call out their hobbies or personal interests. This helps to humanize your brand in the eyes of prospects while also playing up your team’s capabilities.

3. A broader and more high-level version of the “Day in the Life” or “Employee Profile” ideas, providing a general glimpse of your work-space and team dynamic. This quirky effort from Risual exemplifies a quality production in the category.

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