The dialogue with the consumer is changing. Commercial companies are obliged to create content in order to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the consumer Many companies in the B2B sector create video content as a marketing strategy that reminds the ways of "broadcast channels".
Every week, we will present to you a brand that runs a channel, yes, a video channel as a strategic manner to maintain its digital assets. Check out one of the leading brand:
Content: very diverse- employees, clients, solutions, commercials, innovation. It has a comic atmosphere in most of the video content. There are numerous playlists, even contribution to the community:

Design: There is branding in a large portion of the content, but rather here, they don't keep a consistent line.
Consistency: they lead in this section, having a video once a week, very detailed, branded and creative.
Followers number: in the official site- 72K, but the run MCN of other 8 across the world.
Views record: 6 million in 6 months:

Summary: Although the branding and design is not perfect, but they receive 5 start from us. They are a leading brand in terms of video, producing and creating an emotional dialogue with the consumer! And lets not forget, FEDEX is a B2B brand.

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