A wonderful thing is happening lately in the B2B sector, and that is that no one wants to be captured as boring or irrelevant.
This is one of the motived which leads many "old school" brands, into creative, bold, daring, and sophisticated videos. They are neglecting the "one person speaking into the camera" format.
Therefore, we have felt like it will be right to share and encourage brands who are already thinking creative, and dare to make video content that will make B2C jealous.
So let's get started – the first – #Slack

One of the most popular film genres is the mockumentary – a fiction documentation of reality.
The video presented ahead is a staged case study, of a production company who did not want to use the system, and as they went they show how they fell in love in Slack system.
The video portrays the brand's message in an original way, what does it do? How does is contributes the business?
And the most amazing thing in our opinion, is the use of internal jokes and humor. Slack created for the Tech system a young, comic and fresh through the video.


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