tips for HR video content for small companies

What is the advantage of a small company over a large company when it comes to video content?
A lot of small companies, when they think about video content for employee recruitment, try to compete with large companies and corporations.
It is almost impossible to do so since large companies take their employees abroad, spoil them with presents, and have endless means to do so.
The secret is – to not compete. Sometimes, when you try to do so, you sometimes miss the point and the main things you can portray.

Here are a few advantages small companies have over large companies when it comes to video content:
First of all, in a small company, you have a better chance of getting a promotion, to develop and thrive. That, as opposed to a large company in which everything takes time.
Second, in a small company you can learn how to do many things, move to another department, and teach yourself since many of the times no one will be there to assist-which is a great skill to have.
Third, in a small company, the employee feels like he is a part of something. That he has a true input and value to the company.

Here, companies will make sure the employee understands his contribution.
A video is a great tool that can create emotion and transcend a message, that can not be written or tell.
Feelings like fun, happiness, success.
We need to understand which emotion exists in a small company that does not exist in a large one. We will try to amplify it in a visual way.
This is the power of video, and small companies can use is to recruit and win the heart of job seekers.
Here's an example of a company that did it well, with our help 🙂





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