We sat down with Noa, a back end developer for the past 3 years.
Noa is looking for her next challenge, and we wanted to know what is important for her while searching her next role.
It is known that Tech companies are competing with each other for recruiting employees. But what is really important to job seekers these days?

1. The people- how are the people in the company? age range? what to the say about the company? would I bond with them? is there a female presence?
2. The offices- what kind of vibe the office has? it is an open space? comfy? where is it located?
3. The managers- they are the ones who will teach and guide us, but also know how to tell us when we are doing something wrong. We have to know them in advance.
4. The general "Feel"- from a ping pong table to special unit trips.
5.Roles and promotions- what does the company do to make sure her employers are learning, developing? are there any courses they can take?

What is the average time to get a promotion?
When you think about it, video is probably the only way to show the job seeker all of the above. Unlike written text for example, a video can show exactly the feel and emotion needed.



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