YouTube your brand

Managing a YouTube channel for your brand can be quite a difficult challenge. Therefore, we have gathered three tips that would get your Youtube channel up and running.
Make sure your channel has a good channel trailer. It should show the audience who you are as a brand, and what your purpose is. Viewers prefer channels who show just what you're all about. Take Redbull for example. You'll notice they change the trailer according to the weather. In the summer you will usually find a surfing video, and by the winter they'll probably upload a snowboarding video to their home channel page.

  1. Be as niche as possible in every video you make. The more niche you go, the better chance you have of showing up high in the search results. The higher you show up in those search results, the more brand awareness you will receive. Think of it this way, buyers usually look for specific items when they purchase online. Your video for this product should be as specific as they are.
  2. Use overlays to leverage your brand. It's those little bits of texts that appear throughout the video and are used as a call for action with a link attached to it. For example, if you introduce a new product for your brand, you can use overlays to link the video directly to the product page and make it more accessible.

Of course, GoPro is a great brand who knows use those tips in EVERY VIDEO.

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