Before you get going

Video has been adopted by most of the HR divisions nowadays for their recruitment goals, therefore, in order to get the upper hand on your adversaries, your recruitment video will have to include the next presented factors.
First, be sure to share the basic information about your organization. Potential employees will want to see the physical environment and the current workforce in the company, but they would like also to hear why your corporate is better than your rivals.
Second, make sure to highlight answers to questions candidates tend to have during interviews in the video. Potential candidates want to have all the information they need to be handed to them on a silver plate before they can commit to you.
Finally, and probably most important to, your video length should be between two to five minutes tops. Video consumers usually lose interest in Video content after 90 seconds. So if you haven't caught their attention by now, you're probably not arousing their interests enough. So be sure to make an efficient informative video, but merge it with your creativity.
It's not a Tech company but still, it's an amazing example:

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