videos as a selling point

Focus on your company’s culture as the selling point. Even on a quest of hiring new employees to your organization, hunting new talents to your company requires a certain amount of persuading technics. Therefore, major tips to consider while making a video:

  1. Think about the types of candidates who you want to attract. Your open positions will change, be sure to create a video that will outlast whatever jobs are currently listed on your site.
  2. try to find a way to show how your company is different from your competitors. When you find it, remember to do it with a creative way of presentation. Candidates are looking for an office in which they can be happy and enjoy their experience while working

You should look at recruitment videos-just as you look at marketing videos. It's very important to be clever, because it is obvious you are selling. Also, it's important to emphasize what do you want to sell in your organization? is it the fact that you are cool? your location? your offices? your employees? your technology? your message to the world?
Here is an example of a "boring" corporate, who found an original way to portray it's "cool" character and employees. You can feel the selling process throughout the video, the value and the focus they chose

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