three little points

Video now-days have this great kind of power. It has the ability to change the entire face of your organization and different divisions that operates in it. It usually happens due to the reason that video appeals to the emotional part of us as human beings. HR departments have recently recognized this effect, and now use it while recruiting new talents and employees to their ranks. But still, to make great videos work properly for the benefit of your company, there are a few things you'll need to consider for your video.  Here are 3 pointers on  – how HR needs to use videos:

  1. Uploading your video to your YouTube channel and website landing page won't be enough. You'll need to brand it for instant recognition with your brand logo through various platforms that won't make it seem like a random YouTube video content.
  2. Reach and keep the attention of a larger audience. Because of the attraction to video instead of text, video recruitment guarantees an expansion in the reach of any recruitment effort.
  3. Stay competitive. Videos are becoming increasingly utilized as a recruiting method. Not incorporating videos into your own strategy, means falling behind organizations that do.

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